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Felfélagið offers modified Toyota Land Cruiser 4x4 trucks for fieldwork.  They have been modified with tire sizes ranging from 33" to 44".  They have been lifted for higher clearance, suspension is coil springs or air front and rear.  They are all equipped with rear and front differential lockers, roof racks, VHF radios, GPS navigation, extra fuel tanks (190 L capacity in total) and large compartment capacity for bulky items and heavy weight.  

In addition Feltfélagið can supply other types of vehicles up on special requests.


Toyota Land Cruiser 78.  37" tires and highland trailer.

Toyota Land Cruiser 78.  44" tires and glacier trailer.


Toyota Land Cruiser 78.  44" tires and extra side door.


Rear air suspension and seats for 7 persons.


Toyota Land Cruiser 78.  35" tires. Seats for 5 persons.

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