Through the years, we have worked with various Universities and Institutes around the world.


University of Iceland - Institute of Earth Sciences  (

University of Cambridge - Department of Earth Sciences (

The Ohio State University - School of Earth Sciences (

University of California - Santa Cruz (

University of Washington, Seattle - Department of Earth and Space Sciences (

University of Hawai, Manoa -  School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology  (

University of South Florida - School of Geosciences (

The University of Edinburgh - School of GeoSciences (

Dickinson College (

Roma Tre University (

University College Dublin - Geophysics Group (

Chalmers University of Technology - Department of Earth and Space Sciences (

Volcanic Basin Petroleum Research (

University of Bristol - School og Earth Sciences (

SETI Institute - Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence  (

Rob Brown Photography (

The Open University, UK (

University of Massachusetts, Department of Geosciences (

University of Maryland College Park (

Universities Space Research Association (

Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center (

The Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory (

Superhuman ehf - Saga Film (


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